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Advantages of Using Plugs
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Strawberry Plug Plugs do not have to be planted immediately or put in cold storage when you receive them.  They can be transplanted weeks later.  All you have to do is set them in the sun and water once a day!
Strawberry plugs only have an average loss rate of 1 to 2%  compared to 15 - 20% for bare root (fresh dug) plants!
Plugs have an intact root ball like other container grown plants making them easier to plant than bare root plants. 
Plugs also establish more quickly than bare root plants, because the roots remain intact in the soil minimizing "transplant shock". 
Another advantage of plugs is that they only require one overhead watering after planting.  Bare root plants require continuous overhead watering for several days after planting in order to get plants established.  Continuous watering also can also increase strawberry plant's susceptibility to diseases like anthracnose. 
Best of all, you can plant our plugs in the fall and start picking berries when spring comes! Most bare root plants are sold for spring planting.  Then they must be cared for until next spring for a good yielding crop.
Most other industries such as tomato, pepper, and tobacco have switched from bare root plants to container grown plugs because of the associated advantages, and it will only be a matter of time before plugs become the standard for the strawberry industry.

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